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Public Speaking Skills

public speaking skills

Public speaking skill is a uniquely valuable skill to possess.  Many people are afraid of public speaking. They think that effective public speakers are “naturals” who were born with strong oratory skills. Luckily, it is practice and not genetics that will make you a better public speaker.

A good public speaker will have a number of advantages than those who continue to quake and stutter. Public speaking skill is not necessarily easy & a good public speaker creates an aura of confidence. We at GroomX, will help you to build & enhance your public speaking skills through our interactive sessions.

Our Public Speaking Course is designed for job seekers, students, working professionals, business people and entrepreneurs. Public speaking is the way to communicate the personal point of views and self-expression with the known and unknown small and large groups of people to achieve certain goals. But in personal and social life daily activities and in development actions, public speaking is the most essential skill to have.

The participants will learn:
  • Dynamics of public speaking skills.
  • Research an audience.
  • How to prepare a speech.
  • Value of visual aids.
  • To expand on key points to ensure clarity.
  • To handle questions & comments effectively.

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