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Performance Appraisals

soft skill development

Content and Outcomes

The Foundations of Leadership

  •  Investigate what ‘Leadership’ means in today’s businesses, and how it

differs from yesterday’s concept of ‘Management’.

  •  Gain an understanding of ‘Employee Empowerment’, and the Leader’s role

in inspiring people to perform at their greatest potential.

Principles of Effective Goal Setting

  • Understand the importance of goal setting in generating results
  • Follow guidelines for setting goals for achievement and success
  • Rewarding or Correcting People’s Behaviour
  • Become aware of the power of reward, recognition and positive
  • Clarify the distinction between Extrinsic and Intrinsic rewards, and consider ways of maximising the perception of both.
  • Develop an approach to correcting people’s mistakes which leads to improved performance and confidence.
  • Follow a plan for ‘progressive discipline’ to address poor performance or Conducting  Appraisal Meetings
  • Understand the importance of measuring and monitoring performance, and providing formalized feedback to inspire enhanced it.
  • Adopt an approach for continual assessment, and 360 degree reviews, to make preparation for performance reviews unbiased and comprehensive.
  • Explore a proven structure to the performance appraisal meeting, with a step by step outline of content and strategy.
  • Enhance rapport-building, questioning, and listening skills to ensure open communication.